Last chance to apply to the TLV Global Launchpad : August 13th – September 9th

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Global Launchpad 2017

The TLV Global Launchpad is a unique program created by StarTAU, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, in partnership with Tel Aviv municipality & key players from the Israeli start-up ecosystem. This exclusive program is a one-month “Going Global” program, designed to immerse 10 selected international startups and entrepreneurs into the Israeli ecosystem and enjoy the vast connections and “Know How” of TLV startup community.


Program overview

In today’s world, Startups can now reach international markets almost immediately at launch.

Although this early global traction can happen organically at the beginning, the reality is that startups must be strategic about systematically scaling from a local region to any number of international markets.

That is why We developed TLV Global Launchpad - a one of a kind program specially for global scaling.

After years of many successful Israeli Scale-ups such as Wix, Waze, Fiverr and many more - we invite international startups to come and inherit that Israeli “know-how”.

In this program Startups will understand which questions to ask and which metrics to prioritize while building the roadmap for their international expansion. It’s a matter of understanding what scale means for your business, and how to do it right.



Tel-Aviv University (TAU), is the largest and most comprehensive institution of higher learning and research in Israel. It off­ers 125 schools and departments across the spectrum of sciences, humanities and arts, 128 research centers. TAU alumni are ranked among the top 10 universities worldwide in VC funding.


About startau

StarTAU is a non-pro‑t organization, founded in 2009 and is the entrepreneurship center of Tel-Aviv University. In a very short time StarTAU grew to be the largest and most active entrepreneurship center in Israel, with a community of more than 20,000 local followers and thousands more throughout the world.

Our training and facilities include workshops and seminars, courses (4000+ alumni), mentorship programs with a database of over 600 mentors, and funding opportunities with a database of over 300 Angels and VC’s. StarTAU additionally off­ers key networking and business resources as well as open space hubs for Startups and entrepreneurs.

For more information, and to apply by JUNE 20th :

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