IATI Social Impact Weekathon Demo Day at Hewlett Packard Entreprise (on March 30)

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As part of a weekathon* organized on March 30 by the IATI on the theme of social entrepreneurship, five groups - composed of Nokia, Ebay, Motorola, Samsung, HP and Marvell employees - pitched in front of an audience to present their project and in the hopes of winning this event.


An IATI representative introduced the event by defining social entrepreneurship as

-----"the intention to generate a measurable social or environmental benefit/impact, alongside than financial return"

These three conditions of intentionality, financial return and measurable impact characterize a type of entrepreneurship to which the millennials are very sensitive, opening a promising market. Many of them prefer work in line with their values which corresponds to the 17 global objectives of the United Nations :


Israel, again presented as the Startup Nation, has the necessary assets to embrace this trend and develop activities comparable to those of:

  • AngelSense: monitoring system, especially GPS, of vulnerable children (autism, Asperger syndrome...). 
  • Vitalitix: social network linking elderly people in need (eg power outage) and users willing to help them. 


Here is an overview of the pitches, confirming the potential of social entrepreneurship:


  • EATSMARTER : Application allowing more transparency between restaurants and their customers. It responds to the observation that 70% of restaurants offer over-calorie dishes. The app allows to know the composition and different nutritive indices of each dishes proposed by the restaurants and thus promote a healthier diet.

  • CHILDCARE : GPS tracking & alert system for parents (4% of the children deaths in Israel would be linked to heatstroke  in vehicles). The system allows to know in real time where the child is and if he is in danger.

  • CROWDACADEMY : Personalized online education system as "Everyone can learn, everyone can teach". It combines on the same platform explanatory videos and exercises. The added value compared to MOOCs would be the ease of proposing its own "learning unit" whose relevance is noted by Internet users (presented as the Wikipedia of learning due to its open-source characteristic)

  • SAFEDRIVE : In Israel, 1 out of 4 car accidents is related to the use of smartphones while driving. This group offered a device suspending driver messaging applications (other applications, including Waze continuing to operate). To block only the driver smartphone and not the passengers’, the group used an ultrasonic system whose range is limited to the space of the driver.

  • SOCIALBUDDY : Proposed a solution enabling autistic people to read social situations. Indeed, many people have trouble interacting with others because of difficulties in reading emotions or degrees of language. The application listens to the conversation and translate it into clear emotion for the user, using emoticons.

    For instance, in The Big Bang Theory:


At the end of these pitches, the CHILDCARE group was declared the winner by the guests.

  * Week during which groups of people who did not know each other bring together various skills to develop a project, on a given theme, and pitch at the end of the week to compete with the other groups.