The four assets of the French Tech environment


Talent : skilled and affordable

  • 100,000 engineers are trained every year in France.

  • 70,000 PHD students every year.

  • The French Touch in Mathematics : 13 Fields medals out of 55.

  • Thanks to french tax incentives an engineers costs 50% less than in Silicon Valley.

  • 80% of French entrepreneurs exhibiting at CES International 2015 graduated from France's top management and engineering schools.

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Ecosystem : a booming startup ecosystem

Hypergrowth & born global startup 2014 vs 2013 :

  • +37% revenue increas.

  • +43% leap in revenue generated abroad in 2014.

  • +25% increase in firms with foreign VC investment.

  • +30% rise in staff numbers in one year.

Focus on Paris :

  • #1 Business Center in Continental Europe (largest GDP in Europe).

  • World's 3rd most attractive city for foreign investment (KPMG).

  • #1 in Europe for the growth of its innovation market (CB insight 2014).

  • 43% of residents have an expat background.


Venture Capital : a fast growing market

  • VC funding in Europe (2014) : €7,5bn being +32,5% in one year...!

  • 3 countries have 65% of the market : France, Germany & UK.

  • France ranks 2nd in Europe in terms of private equity récipients.

  • VC funding in France : $1.1bn in 2013, $1bn in 2014 and $2bn in 2015.

Source : Barometre EY du capital risque en France, H1-2015


Government : firmly behind entrepreneurship

  • La French Tech was launched by the French government.

  • $6bn R&D tax credit program covering 30% of all R&D expenses.

  • $225m of investment in private startup accelerators.

  • #3 open data index.

  • BPI France : $1,25bn for innovation.

  • 2013 : Law for Crowdfunding

  • 2016 : Digital Republic Law : consisting of provisions focusing on Net neutrality, Data portability, Video Game compétitions, New copyrights exception...

Guide cover doing business in France

The Guide : Doing Business in France

This guide, Doing Business in France, written by the Invest in France Agency (IFA) in partnership with Deloitte, is intended to be a working reference guide to the business environment in France.

It has been designed especially for foreign company directors who would like to invest in France, where more than 20,000 foreign companies are already established, running businesses under many different legal forms.

While perusing the pages of this publication, we invite you to discover for yourself this environment stimulating entrepreneurial spirit, investment and innovation.

Launch your startup in Paris

The Paris French Tech Ticket aims to attract gifted and ambitious individuals from all around the world and to help them set up their startup in France.

This 6-month program offers end to end support on the journey from early stage start-up to successful business – from financial support and training to first customer acquisition.

Selected entrepreneurs will work closely with one of nine leading French Incubators providing among others mentoring, fundraising strategy, expert advice and pitch practice.

In January 2016, more than 50 entrepreneurs will relocate to Paris to start the program.

At the end of the six months, entrepreneurs will have the option to renew this ticket for another six months to further fast track their growth.

The Young Entreprise initiative (YEi), started in 2006, is an accelerator designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business in France and Europe.

It provides an intensive training in Boston and Paris and one week immersion in France that will allow laureates to benefit from of an extensive customized business network and connections to the best resources in Europe.

Paris landing pack

Paris Landing Pack

The Paris Landing Pack is a turnkey offer, ranging from 1 to 12 months, with limited administrative and logistic formalities. This package includes a desk in a Parisian incubator, a housing solution, a dedicated support for foreign managers by Paris&Co and the access to networking events organized by the agency and its partners

The purpose is to enable the entrepreneurs to focus on business development, to set up partnerships with companies or research labs, or to recruit their team. This initiative aims at fostering job creation in Paris, and internationalizing the Parisian ecosystem.

Paris&Co, the economic development and innovation agency of Paris, is launching a brand new welcoming program for foreign companies: the Paris Landing Pack.

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